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new word for today

oke , student .
today , we learn a new word from teacher mira .
we have to share our knowledge to others even a word .
see , i'm teaching u all a word .
oke . this is the longest word in english .
i learn the number 5 of the longest word in english .
who can guest what is it ? come on , don't be shy !
oke . never mind , before that .
u must promise with me , if u already know the word , please i beg u . please teach the others .
the word is ....
( dub dab dub dab dub dab dab ) * ur heart is beating *
the word is supercalifraggilisticexpialadocious .
isn't it long ? haha . is true .
it is so long until inside the dictionary doesn't have .
if u want to know the meaning , find in wikipedia .
remember ur promise with me .
bye , thats all for today for me to become a teacher .
we learn together in every saturday , evening . oke bye ! study hard && study smart . xp